Apex Energetics – Ultra D Complex (K35)

Ultra-D Complex™ offers vitamin D (cholecalciferol) with its key cofactors in a base of cod liver oil, which is a natural source of vitamin D, vitamin A, EPA (115 mg), and DHA (95 mg). This formula is designed to support the metabolism of vitamin D and to deliver a powerful mix of supportive nutrients.* This advanced formula includes (2000 IU) 50 mcg of vitamin D per serving (in a pleasant orange flavor without an unpleasant fishy taste). Other nutrients, such as magnesium, biotin, pantethine, calcium, and boron, are all incorporated in this formula. This formula is also available in (5000 IU) 125 mcg of vitamin D per serving in Ultra-D 5000™ (K78). Practitioner consultation required.


  • Includes a highly absorbable, high-potency, and natural source of vitamin D (cod liver oil)
  • Is emulsified for improved bioavailability*
  • Includes nutrients that are intended to support the immune system*
  • Incorporates nutrients selected to support the balance of calcium and phosphorus*
  • Includes nutrients that can support the skeletal system* https://pickvitamin.com/apex-energetics-ultra-d-complex-k35-8-oz.html


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