Professional Health Products

OUR HISTORY NSI (Nutritional Specialities, Inc.), the parent company of the Professional Health Products® brand, was founded by Peter Nudi, Sr. in Pittsburgh in 1978, and continues to be family-owned and operated there to this day. Since it’s start, NSI has believed in partnering directly with doctors, pharmacists, and other licensed healthcare practitioners to deliver innovative nutrition, backed by science, to patients and clients.
Cutting corners when it comes to quality is an all too common practice in the supplement industry. We at PHP have been committed to using the highest quality ingredients, backed by science, in our formulations since our beginning in 1978. Our integrity and ingenuity goes into every product in our comprehensive line; making the partnership we have with clinicians above industry standard.
Our categories of nutritional support are targeted to many areas of health and wellness. From our extensive homeopathy line to our pristine ECO glandulars, we are proud to offer a wide range of products that can be used by clinicians for various conditions.
We also are the only company to carry an extensive epigenetic line, MethylGenetic Nutrition®, which supports both lifestyle, diet and stress as well as specific common genetic weaknesses such as MTHFR.
Our homeopathic line is in a class of its own. We have been committed to following the strict HPUS guidelines and Hahnemann’s methods, including hand sucussion, for preparation for over 40 years. Our mother tinctures are soaked for a minimum of 14 days to extract the proper essences and are prepared in an environment free of fluorescent lighting and extraneous EMFs. Our homeopathic product line includes combination remedies, nosode remedies, sarcode remedies, allersode remedies, liquescences and more. With consultation.

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